Some Job Search Tips

Job Search Tips While searching for a job can be quite an enormous task, the Internet can be a good resource for you. All you need to know is how to use the Internet in the right way to your advantage. Below are top 10 job search tips that you can follow:

  1. Make sure your in the ‘safe zone’ –

You can do so by searching yourself up, on Google. You get to see what potential employers will see! If you don’t like it you need to change things.

  1. Narrow your options –

When looking for a job online, most companies offer filters like region, industry, duration, experience needed, age and salary. By filling in these criteria, you narrow down your search and the results are much quicker.

  1. Contact the source directly –

One of the best ways to find a job is to first prioritise where exactly you want to work. Once you decide on this, contact the hiring company directly. Most employers’ also invite visitors to fill out information like work experience, salary requirements, jobs of interest and so on.

  1. Build up your portfolio –

Do not just post your resume on any random website. Be innovative and design an online portfolio or website that enables employers and recruiters to read about your past work experience, your achievements and aspirations. An important aspect that you should keep in mind is including your contact information and details.

  1. Locate your niche-

You can narrow down your search further by visiting the national or regional website of your industry. This is a great way to draw the attention of employers who want to get qualified applicants. Regional websites may offer numerous jobs that may not otherwise appear on a national job board.

  1. Recruiters –

Taking the help of online recruiters can sometimes be of great help for job seekers who seem very confused. These people will help you to find a job that matches your needs and requirements according to your skill. There are numerous sites such as recruiterlink.com, searchfirm.com, i-recruit.com etc. that are of immense help.

  1. Making use of video resumes –

One great way to stand out in the crowd is to make use of a video resume. A video is not a replacement to a traditional resume, but it is a supplement to the same. You can bring out the best of your personality and employers can make a better choice.

  1. Job alerts-

Use technology to your advantage and arrange for Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed which enables job sites to appear on your Internet home page or your computer’s new reader software. Most companies these days enable you to sign up and receive email alerts. This way, you will always be kept up-to-date with the latest job vacancies.

  1. Run a query –

You should enter a query which will describe the job that you would like. You may be lucky enough to find more resources.

  1. Going social –

Many sites such as LinkedIn.com provide a forum where you can connect with people who you are familiar with. This way, more people get to view your profile and this increases the chances for you landing a job.

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