Job Search Methods


Job hunting or seeking is a really very critical task for a fresher due to global credit crisis in this competitive world. It is the performance of aiming for employment, discontent with a present position or eagerness for a better position. The major objective of job hunting is to achieve a job interview with an employer that may lead to getting hired. There are several types of jobs in the modern times, and they all definitely require proper skilled employees. Various job searching techniques are available. The best search technique does not require much time and effort.

Main forms of job

There are different kinds of jobs in the present market like –

  • Managers job
  • Professionals job
  • Technicians and associate professionals job
  • Craft and related trades job
  • Service and sales job
  • Clerical support job
  • Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery job
  • Elementary job
  • Plant and machine operators, and assemblers support job
  • Armed forces job

Any of these could be what you seek to attain, and you will need to take a note of that.

Guide to search job

Here are some job search tips mentioned below:

  • Self-scrutiny – The primary task of job searching is to think about what is the actual requirement. Search some criteria like list of desiring organizations geographic location, application of skill test, connection to interest/passion, fit with work values, and compatibility with personality.
  • Get organized – Think about job seeking as a job in itself.
  • Get stimulated – Don’t wait for best job. Take one step at a time and keep motivation by staying focused on the current and willing position.
  • Networking – Should attend job fairs, contact with faculties, join professional organizations, or talk to the people who are currently doing that type of work.
  • Be adjustable – It should be a good idea to consider doing some temporary jobs or part-time jobs during job searching.
  • Record keeping – Should create a simple spreadsheet and use a note of the brief description of the company applied to, the name and contact details of the person applied to, the applying date, any reply, interview dates and venue, follow-up actions. Some copies of the CV and cover letters must also be prepared in good format.
  • Be determined – Should concentrate on learning topics and forget negative experiences.

Job searching kit and resources can also be largely helpful.

  • Mobile job Search – Get job by using web-enabled mobile apps.
  • Job Alerts – Access them from computer or email.
  • Job Search Plug-in – Can add job search to the search engine menu of the browser.
  • Social media such as LinkedIn, Plaxo, Twitter, Facebook.
  • Annual reports
  • Business Journals
  • Local newspaper
  • National newspaper
  • Databases and other resources accessible through the libraries for a wealth of information on specific employers.

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