Application of Technology in Hiring Process

A person usually starts a job by becoming an employee or beginning a business. The duration of a job may continue from an hour to an entire life time. But, the hiring process of job is difficult. It is also problematic for an employer to select an applicant among several competitors. Recruitment refers to the comprehensive process of selecting, appointing suitable candidates for jobs within an organization, either temporary or permanent. This process may be attempted by public-sector employment agencies, commercial recruitment agencies, or specialist search consultancies. But, this process became challenging and easy in the current technological world with the arrival of internet.

Technology applied by Employers

There are main three ways that shows How Employers Use Technology to Hire

  • Social media-> Employers contrast the resumes and applications submitted by job hunters with what social media shows them. LinkedIn and Google Plus profiles are best friend of the job hunters.
  • Search Engines-> 80% of employers take help from search engines like Google chrome, Mozilla firebox to find information about job applicants. This searching strategy is definitely quick and affordable.
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) -> Generally, resume submitted to large employers are stored in a database known as applicant tracking system. It is used to manage a large number of resumes quickly. ATS searches the keywords written in resume. So, in that case keyword must be given in the resume.

Technique to climb those technology traps

  • LinkedIn and Google plus-> Potential employers discover good information about the applicant when they do their research. Employers hire them to find the internet for successful candidates.
  • Research employers online-> Research of products, services, latest news, officers and also financial status of the company will create an applicant more effective.
  • Personalize the resume to each opportunity-> An applicant should set up technical abilities by customizing their resume to the particular requirements of the job posting they are applying for.
  • Manage online influence

With the help of various developed technologies an employer can easily and quickly hire job seekers.

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